For Revitalization, rehydration, regeneration and remodelling.

Revok50® is an optimal formulation for the fibroblastic stimulation of collagen formation and maintenance of the extracellular matrix. It has a concentration 2.5 times higher than other existing products on the market.

Its composition promotes the stimulation and repair of the cutaneous connective
tissue, producing an anti-aging effect, thus reversing trophic alterations of the skin (wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, etc.).

The synergism of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and the precursor amino acids of Revok50® to promote the restoration of skin elasticity and firmness.

Revok50® Treatment Schedule


For optimum results:

3 treatments in total. 1 treatment a month for 3 months.

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Fillers are injected to:

  • Lift the cheeks
  • Contour the chin
  • Create fuller lips (lip augmentation)
  • Lift and smooth the area around the mouth and chin that give the appearance of a “puppet mouth” (also known as Marionette folds)
  • Correct asymmetries
  • Smooth the skin

We ensure that your treatment with dermal filler is a comfortable procedure. The filler has a small amount of freezing in it to numb the area when injected. We also have a prescription numbing cream we can apply prior to your injections. Most patients experience a mild pressure sensation during injection that is well tolerated.

Dermal Filler injections give an immediate effect. There will be subtle but noticeable improvements in the areas treated. You may also have mild swelling and/or bruising. The treated area will settle over 2 weeks, leaving you with a natural, age-appropriate appearance.

The amount of filler you require depends on many factors, such as area to be treated, age, facial skin characteristics (depth of folds/laxity/contours) and many more. Your individual needs and goals will be discussed during your complimentary consult with our nurse. She will be able to determine how much you will need to achieve your goals. Typically, more than 1 syringe will be needed. Lip filler can usually be treated effectively with 1 syringe.

Fillers give immediate results. They will gradually deplete over 12-24 months depending on the area treated and the type of filler used.




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